Ravenwood Park is a vibrant community of 257 homes nested in a beautiful, verdant setting in Falls Church, Virginia. Since its establishment in the late 1950s, Ravenwood Park has been an active community whose residents care and are involved in their neighborhood. Block parties and social events, programs that provide important information, organized and impromptu efforts to support and help each other, Neighborhood Watch, charitable activities, and shared commitment to keep the neighborhood and area beautiful are all hallmarks of a place that is a great one in which to live.

If you live here, we're so glad you do! If you are visiting, welcome and please come again! If you are thinking about coming here, please do and contact us to find out more!

Great things are happening in Ravenwood Park! And we'll be all the greater if you are a part of it!

- Christopher Bell, President, Ravenwood Park Citizens Association

Important Phone Numbers/Contacts

Ravenwood Park Email

Contact us at ravenwoodpark@gmail.com

Join the Ravenwood Park email list on Yahoo. Send an email to: ravenwoodpark-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Animal Problems [Top]
If you see a sick or dead animal, you can call Animal Control at (703) 830-3310. Alternatively, you can call the Police non-emergency line at (703) 691-2131.

If you need an animal removed from your house, you can call Animal Control. You also
can call the Humane Society at 1-866-948-6263.

If you discover injured or orphaned wildlife, you can call the Wildlife Rescue League's Hotline at (703) 440-0800. You will then be directed to one of our principals or to another area rehabilitator who specializes in that species. Note that many baby animals are not true orphans. Often, the parents are nearby and watching. If you are not sure if the animal is a true orphan, then please call them for advice.

If you see a lost pet, or if a resident of Ravenwood Park has lost a pet, Ravenwood Park residents can post an announcement on the Ravenwood Park listserv or send an email to jfiekel@gmail.com. 

Emergencies [Top]
Call 911

Libraries [Top]
Woodrow Wilson - Bailey's, 6101 Knollwood - (703) 820-8774 NOTE: Under renovation;   temporarily located at 6066 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church 
George Mason, 7001 Little River Turnpike - (703) 256-3800
Thomas Jefferson, U.S. Route 50 - (703) 573-1061

Neighborhood Watch [Top]
Help us keep the neighborhood safe. What are things you should look for? Who should you call? Download guidelines and phone numbers from our Neighborhood Watch group.

Police Non-Emergency Number [Top]
Call (703) 691-2131

Postal Service Contact Information [Top]

Following are contacts should you have any problems with postal services:

Donna Bradley, Falls Church Postmaster
Phone: (703) 532-8823
E-mail: donna.s.bradley@usps.gov

Aaron Moore, Baileys Crossroads Post Office Manager
Phone: (703) 998-6826
E-mail: Aaron.w.moore@usps.gov

Power Line Down/Power Outages [Top]
Call Dominion Virginia Power at 1-888-667-3000
On July 28, 2008 and January 27, 2014, RPCA met with Dominion Power Company representatives to discuss power outages and power service in our neighborhood. You can download the meeting summary (Word or PDF). The Dominion Power PowerPoint presentation can also be downloaded.

Fairfax County Government [Top]

Public Schools [Top]
Fairfax County Public Schools (703) 246-2502
Bailey's Elementary - (703) 575-6800
Glasgow Middle - (703) 813-8700
J.E.B. Stuart High - (703) 573-1061

Trash Collection [Top]
(703) 802-3322

Tree Removal [Top]
To have trees removed that are adjacent to public roads and streets, contact VDOT, 703-383-8368, TTY 711.