Ravenwood Park is a vibrant community of 257 homes nested in a beautiful, verdant setting in Falls Church, Virginia. Since its establishment in the late 1950s, Ravenwood Park has been an active community whose residents care and are involved in their neighborhood. Block parties and social events, programs that provide important information, organized and impromptu efforts to support and help each other, Neighborhood Watch, charitable activities, and shared commitment to keep the neighborhood and area beautiful are all hallmarks of a place that is a great one in which to live.

If you live here, we're so glad you do! If you are visiting, welcome and please come again! If you are thinking about coming here, please do and contact us to find out more!

Great things are happening in Ravenwood Park! And we'll be all the greater if you are a part of it!

- Christopher Bell, President, Ravenwood Park Citizens Association

Event Calendar

2018 RPCA Upcoming Events

2/13 - Annual Board Meeting - 7PM Justice High School Cafeteria

3/24 - Easter Egg Roll @ Stuart Park 10AM(3/25 rain date)

Come join us for a family friendly egg roll! There will be over 200 candy-filled eggs to find, games to enjoy and prizes to be claimed. No one goes home empty handed! Join us for neighborly company and merriment at the playground afterwards. Fun for all ages

4/28 - Garden Tour @ 10AM

It's our annual event of more than 20 years that celebrates the natural beauty of Ravenwood Park. The event offers a great opportunity to see and admire your neighbors hard work up close. Strolling in the spring among the iconic Kanzan Cherry trees and the well maintained homes of Ravenwood Park is quite the treat. Get ideas and enjoy the splendor of Ravenwood Park in the Spring!

5/19 - Yard Sale  

Spring cleaning is over and you realize you dont need that mini cupcake maker anymore. Someone else might though! I mean who doesn't love mini cupcakes?

6/9 - Summer Picnic at Stuart Park

Enjoy a cool (hopefully) summer afternoon in park with neighbors. 

9/15 - Ice Cream Movie Night

Enjoy the start of fall with a night filled with cool treats and a good movie with neighbors. 

10/13 - Oktoberfest 

Our biggest and most enduring Ravenwood Park event of the year. Bratwurst, desserts, kids' activities, raffle prizes and much more! 

10/27 - Halloween Parade and Show

Come on over and get your monstrous little ones dressed up in their spookiest outfit this Halloween and come mingle with your ghoulish neighbors!

Ravenwood Park Mascot

Meet Ravenbot! 

Ravenbot is a lending library robot who seeks to spread knowledge throughout the great lands of Ravenwood Park! 

Take a book and leave a book to power his noble mission. Ravenwood Park gives thanks to the O'Conners for creating this clever addition to our neighborhood.