Ravenwood Park is a vibrant community of 257 homes nested in a beautiful, verdant setting in Falls Church, Virginia. Since its establishment in the late 1950s, Ravenwood Park has been an active community whose residents care and are involved in their neighborhood. Block parties and social events, programs that provide important information, organized and impromptu efforts to support and help each other, Neighborhood Watch, charitable activities, and shared commitment to keep the neighborhood and area beautiful are all hallmarks of a place that is a great one in which to live.

If you live here, we're so glad you do! If you are visiting, welcome and please come again! If you are thinking about coming here, please do and contact us to find out more!

Great things are happening in Ravenwood Park! And we'll be all the greater if you are a part of it!

- Christopher Bell, President, Ravenwood Park Citizens Association

General Meeting Ravenwood Park Citizens Association

The Ravenwood Park Citizens Association held its general meeting on November 12. The following residents were elected to the Ravenwood Park Citizens Association Board:
- Carol Turner, President
- Jessica Swanson, Vice President
- Mark Doehnert, Treasurer
- Idie Badie, Secretary
- Jeff Welesko, Board Member At-Large

The meeting also included a very informative presentation on crime prevention. The presentation was given by Officer Brendan Murphy, Crime Prevention Officer, Mason District Station, and Chris Warnke.

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